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Express Services
Q. How can you offer such low prices?
There is no secret. It's all about buying power. Because our volume is huge, we have access to deeply discounted prices from the leading logistics companies. We can offer our customers as much as 65% off the regular prices and still make a small profit. This is no different from saving money by purchasing your airline tickets through a travel agent.
Q. Can I ship from anywhere in the United States? What about Michigan?
Yes, except for very few rural areas, no matter where you are in the 48 continental states, you can use MeiMei Express to ship to more than 250 countries in the world.
Q. How long does it take to ship to Taiwan, Singapore, or Hong Kong?
Typically, without customs complications, your packages will arrive in 3 business days. It may take up to 5 business days for certain rural areas. In most cases, packages shipped on Monday or Tuesday will arrive by Friday.
Q. Is this a door-to-door service?
Of course. Packages will be delivered to the receiver's address. If no one is there to accept the shipment, the driver will leave a note with the contact information so the receiver can either arrange a different time for delivery or pick up the packages from a service station.
Q. I want to ship something from New York to Taiwan, do I have to ship my package to MeiMei Express first?
No. You will be shipping from New York directly. You can choose to have the package picked up or drop it off a local shipping station. All you need to do is print out the shipping label and the commercial invoice we created for you.
Q. I have a small package no more than a few pounds, do you still provide the free home pickup service?
Of course. Free pickup is available to all customers, regardless of the size of the package, including documents.
Q. when I track my shipment online, sometimes it show "on hold". What does that mean?
This happens occasionally and there is no need to panic. There are a number of possible reasons:
  1. Delays caused by weather conditions.
  2. Cargo plane delays due to hub coordination and connectivity issues.
  3. Missing shipping label.
  4. Incorrect sender or receiver address.
  5. Package contents do not match the attached commercial invoice. Packages in question might be opened by US Customs.
  6. Random check by local customs of the destination country.
  7. Trouble in clearing local customs. Please contact local customer service within 5 business days.
Remember, if the shipment's status does not change for more than 3 days, contact us immediately.
Shipping Cost Calculation
Q. How is the shipping cost calculated
The cost of shipping is primarily based upon the "shipping weight", the actual weight or the dimensional weight of the package, whichever is higher. Form shipments involving multiple packages, the sum of each package's shipping weight is used.
Q. What is the dimensional weight?
The dimensional weight is calculated by taking the product of the length, width and the height of the package and divided it by 139, rounded up to the nearest integer.
Dimensional Weight = Length(in) × Width(in) × Height(in) / 139. For irregularly shaped packages, the dimensions of the smallest possible imaginary rectangular cuboid in which the actual package will fit are used to calculate the dimensional weight.
Q. Are there additional charges for shipments to remote areas?
Yes. For certain hard-to-reach rural areas, there will be a $39.00 surcharge. To find out if your destination is a "remote service area", enter the postal code or the name of the village/town/city in the following page: http://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp.
Q. Are there additional charges for oversized or overweighed packages?
Yes. The shipping cost is usually solely based on a rate table according to the total shipping weight of the shipment. However, if there is any single dimension of any package that exceeds 48 inches, or the actual weight of any single package is over 150 lbs, there will be an additional oversize charge, currently $89.00.
Customs Issues (Taiwan)
Q. How are import duties estimated in Taiwan?
Generally speaking, imported goods with a total value of NT$3,000 or less are duty free. For goods over NT$3,000, most products are tariffed based on their value. However, goods can still be tariffed based on their total weight if it's over 100 lbs even if the reported value is less than NT$3,000. For further details, please see Customs and Duties in Taiwan.
Q. Are there any limitations for shipping vitamins to Taiwan?
Individuals can ship up to 1,200 tablets or gel capsules of vitamins or supplements duty free. Anything over 1,200 tablets requires additional sample import forms filed with the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health. Further, if the weight exceeds 10 kg or the total value is over US$1,000, then the items will have to be first certified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Q. What about limited or controled items?
International express is considered a commercial activity, and there are certain limitations on the types and quantities of the items that can be imported to Taiwan. Here is a short list of some items of frequent interest:
Item Notes
Cash Any form of currency or equivalent financial instrument (cash, traveler's check, prepaid credit card, etc.) is not allowed
Perfumes Not allowed if alcohol-based.
Tampons Not allowed.
Liquids For chemicals, please provide MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) before shipping<./td>
Coffee beans Require inspection by Food and Drug Administration.
Wines and liquors Require additional declaration forms.
Jewelry Limited to simulated gemstones.
Vitamins Limited to 1,200 tablets (Max 100 tablets per bottle, up to 12 bottles).
Skin care Medical grades require special approval from Department of Health.
Televisions Tariffed and not covered by insurance.
Lotions Small quantities allowed.
Cellphones Small quantities allowed.
Laptop computers Tariffed if more than one.
Baby formulas Limited to 10 kg.
Baby Clothes and Accessories Detail quantities and values on commercial invoice.
More detailed listing
Packaging Issues
Q. Are there any limits on the number of boxes in one single shipment?
No, there are no limits.
Q. What about the size and the weight of the packages?
Basically there are no limits to the weight or size of the boxes to be shipped. However, if any single dimension of any box exceeds 48 inches, or the actual weight of any single box exceeds 150 lbs, then an oversize charge will be assessed (currently $50). Please let us know in advance if you have any of these oversized boxes before shipping.
Q. Is it necessary to package everything into one big box?
Not really. You can ship multiple boxes to the same address in one single shipment with one tracking number. The total shipping weight is the sum of the shipping weight of each individual box. The only thing you have to watch out for is the dimensional weight. As long as the dimensional weight of each small box does not exceed its actual weight, breaking your shipping into smaller boxes will not adversely affect your shipping cost. Another advantage of using smaller boxes is to avoid the oversize charge. Remember, any dimension over 48 in. or any box weighing over 150 lbs triggers the oversize charge.
Q. How to pack effectively to reduce the shipping cost?
The single most important thing in packaging is to choose a box whose dimensional weight matches your contents' actual weight. If you can't find one single box that meet this criterion, consider using two smaller boxes such that each box's actual weight and dimensional weight are roughly the same. The idea is that there is nothing we can do with the actual weight, no matter how you arrange your items, but we can certainly keey the dimensional weight at bay by choosing the boxes wisely.
Q. Any other packaging concerns?
Although there is no limit on how much a single box can weigh, it is recommended that you keep it under 50 lbs if possible. As you know, human labor is still heavily involved when transporting your package. Heavier boxes are more likely to be dropped or treated roughly as they are simply more difficult to handle by men. If you must ship heavy boxes, please make sure that you secure all edges with heavy-duty tapes multiple times. For items such as glasses, LCD monitors, TV's, iPad's, etc., please write "FRAGILE" with a waterproof marker (Sharpie) or place labels on both sides of the box.
Q. Can I use the Flat Rate boxes or Priority Mail International boxes provided free by USPS?
Absolutely NOT. You may not use USPS boxes for any purposes other than shipping with USPS. It is a violation of Federal Law, USC Title 18, to intentionally misuse USPS provided mailing materials. Again, do not get in trouble by trying to use the free boxes provided by USPS.
Q. I don't have a scale at home, can I still ship with MeiMei Express?
Yes, but please make your best estimation (guess) and enter the approximate value when creating the shipment online. Once the bill comes out, we will let you know how much it actually weighs and settle the shipment accordingly. If you paid for more than the actual weight, you get a refund. If you underpaid, we'll charge you for the difference.
Q. I don't have any boxes at home. Where can I buy them?
You can buy boxes, along with other shipping supplies, at Home Depot, Walmart, or Target. You can also buy them online at www.uline.com.
Q. Is it still necessary to write the receiver's address on the package?
Yes, it is recommended that you still write the receiver's name, address, phone number, and the tracking number on the package. This will make the package a lot easier to track in the (unlikely) event that the shipping label somehow gets lost along the way.
Insurance and Claims
Q. My box was carefully packaged, how come it was still deformed or damaged?
Your packages are transported along with a lot of other packages and they are usually stacked on top of each other. If your package happens to be at the bottom then it has to support a lot of weight above it. So, if the box you chose was not sturdy enough or if it was not closed properly for optimum strength, it may be deformed or even damaged. Once deformed, the size will change, resulting in a change of the dimensional weight. If this change happened before the logistics company took the measurement of the dimensions, it might even register an over-weight charge on the invoice. To avoid these complications and make sure your boxes, and of course their contents, are not damaged, please take the time to select dedicated shipping boxes that are still in a good shape and tape them properly with high-quality packaging tape. Your shipment is worth the extra care.
Again, please notice that soft boxes are difficult to handle and easy to break. It will be difficult to file a claim if the loss of goods was caused by inadequate packaging on the customer's part.
Q. Is it necessary to buy insurance for my shipment?
Well, it depends on how important your package is to you. Statistically less than 1% of the packages are damaged or lost, but as a rule of thumb, we still recommend that you purchase some insurance to limit your exposure to uncertainty.
Q. Does MeiMei Express offer free $100 coverage for all shipments?
Because of the deep discounts that we receive from the logistics companies, the basic $100 coverage is not included in the quoted shipping cost. MeiMei Express had selected a reputable third-party insurance company to cover our shipments, at $1 per $100 covered. The highest possible coverage value is $1,000.
Q. Does the insurance policy cover lost or damaged packages?
Yes it does. However, if the damage was caused by inadequate packaging (box not designed for shipping, box not closed properly, non-dedicated packaging tape, etc.), the claim might be rejected. To strengthen your case, we suggest that you take a few pictures of the boxes before shipping as an evidence of proper packaging. Also, try to use foam or packing peanuts to protect the content and reduce the likelihood of possible damage.

Please notice that the insured value may not exceed the customs value. We can only cover up to the value printed on the commercial invoice, regardless of the true value of the items.
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