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Create a shipping account
Tutorial In order to start shipping with MeiMei Express, you must first register with us to create your personal shipping account. Only the most essential information is required, i.e. your full name, your email address (which will also serve as your Login ID), and the desired password.

If you choose to enter the optional contact information (address and phone number), it will be used as the default Sender information when you create a new shipment. Notice that our online system currently only supports international shipments originated from the United States, so all contact information must be entered in English, as no other characters are allowed on the shipping documents.

You can, however, enter your Nick Name in any language of your choice, since it will not be part of the shipping documents.

Activate your account
Once your account is created, you will receive an email with a 10-digit alphanumeric number similar to "YNC8ETNAEL". You would then follow the link included in the email to activate your account with that code. This is an important step as all future communication between MeiMei Express and you, including the delivery of the shipping documents, will be through email, so we must make sure that you can successfully receive our messages.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within a couple of hours, check your spam folder just in case our mail was erroneously identified as junk mail. In that case, make sure you mark it as "not junk", and add "service@meimeiexpress.com" to your address book to ensure that all our emails reach your inbox in the future as this puts us in your "white list".

Create your first shipment
Once you login with your activated account, you will be directed to your shipment management center. Here you will see a list of your current and past shipments. Click on this button and start creating your first shipment.

Sender Information

All fields must be filled out in English. Each line of the street address must not exceed 25 characters. This usually is not an issue with most addresses in the United States. Use abbreviation as much as you can.

The 25-character limit was determined by one of the major carriers' online pickup system, so to make things easier and to avoid unnecessary complication, we also set the per-line limit to 25 characters.

Receiver Information

Again, all fields must be filled out in English. Each line of street address must not exceed 35 characters, as dictated by one of the major carriers' international shipping API.

If you copy-paste an address into these fields, make sure that you are not pasting more than 35 characters per line, otherwise your address information will be truncated. Also notice that any Chinese characters, including punctuations (commas, periods, etc.), will be removed since only English characters are allowed in these fields.

The phone number is required for the driver to contact the receiver in case of any final delivery issues. There is no restriction in terms of the format of the number so there will be no error-check against that field. It is very important to make sure it's a valid number since the telephone is the only means the driver can contact the receiver once he's on the road.

The Note is the field for you to leave a special notice (invoice number, instructions...) for the Receiver, not for the delivery driver, so please do not put the receiver's street address in Chinese or any other foreign language here.

Package Information

Item Description - Multiple packages/boxes can be included in a single shipment. However, it is not necessary to list content items in each box individually. For example, if you have 10 books in the first box, and 15 books in the second, you would simply list one item "books" with a quantity of 25.

HS Code - The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) (formerly the Customs Co-operation Council). It is generally not necessarily to include the HS Code of the item unless you are shipping to China. Please see the note below:

China Customs Alert

Per China Customs Regulation No. 33, please be aware that effective January 1st, 2011, the following will be required on the commercial invoice for shipments going to China:

Customs Registration Number (CR number) provided by your consignee. Please note that the CR number is not required for:

  • Non-dutiable shipments (documents)
  • Shipments between private parties
  • Personal effects
  • Unaccompanied baggage
Harmonized System Code ("HS Code" or Schedule B) for all dutiable (non-document) shipments. Please be advised that failure to follow this regulation may result in customs clearance delay in China.
Customs Value - This is a calculated number based on the quanity and the unit price of each item listed under Content Description. For used items which do not have a well established market value, it is generally recommended that you keep this value under $100 USD to avoid possible tariff. However, for new items, you are required to report the actual value of the each item. Also notice that you may only purchase insurance that covers up to the Customs Value.

Package Weight and Size - This is probably the most imporant information you will provide for the shipment because it directly affects your shipping cost. Each package/box needs to be carefully weighed and measured and listed here. All numbers have to be rounded up to the next integer value. For irregularly shaped packages, report the dimensions of the smallest imaginary rectangular "box" that would fit the irregular shape.

Notice that all dimensions are measured at the carrier's station optically so please do not squeeze the package in a particular dimension in an effort to get a smaller reading. That does not make your package any smaller since the final shipping charge will be determined by the dimensions measured by the carrier, not the dimensions reported by the customer.

Ship Date - Pick a date that you can realistically have the package(s) picked up by the carrier or dropped off at a local station. You will not be able to select the same-day shipping after 3PM Pacific Time.

Customers sometimes try to pick an earlier ship date to avoid a higher shipping cost due to the ever increasing Fuel Surcharge that varies from month to month. It is important to notice that the actual shipping cost depends on the date the packages are received by the carrier, not the date printed on the shipping documents. Customers are still responsible for the full amount of the shipping cost per the actual ship date.

Pickup Service - MeiMei Express can arrange door-to-door pickup service (in the United States) for our customers free of charge. Simply select the window of time on the Ship Date you'd like the carrier's driver to come to your home or office to pickup your packages. The Sender Address is automatically entered as the default pickup address but you are free to enter a different location to have your packages picked up.

If you need pouches or other shipping suppliers, please put in the request for the driver in "Note".

Review shipment and pay online
tutorial review Once a shipment is created, you will see a summary of all the information you've entered so far. Review the summary carefully for possible typos and other errors. Use the "Edit" link to make changes if necessary.

If everything looks fine, you can choose to pay by a credit card or money transfers. Contact us for detailed information regarding money transfers. Otherwise, pay for the shipment with a credit card using our Secure Online Payment System.

Once your payment has been processed, your shipment will have a "paid" status, waiting for our administrative review. Your shipping documents (Shipping Labels and Commercial Invoice) will be emailed to you once they are generated.

If the pickup service was requested, you will also receive a separate email from the carrier confirming your pickup with a confirmation number. This process generally takes less than 2 business hours.

Shipping Labels - These are the primary shipping documents issued by the carrier. There is one shipping label for each package/box in the shipment and one ARCHIVE DOC which is not to be attached to the packages. You should have all pages ready for the driver to pickup.

Commercial Invoice - The name is called Commercial Invoice but you will still need it even if the shipment is entirely for personal purposes. This document is used to clear the customs at the destination country, and the Carrier will not accept your package without this document.

Ship the packages
• Print one (1) copy of the Shipping Label, and N+1 copies of the Commercial Invoice, where N is the number of packages in this shipment.

• Make sure that all information on the documents is accurate. Otherwise, contact us immediately.

• Write the receiver's name and address in your local language (if any) at the bottom of the Shipping Label below the bar code.

• Write the Tracking Number on your package. Make sure it will not be covered by the Shipping Label when it is affixed to the package.

• Hand all pages of the Shipping Label and Commercial Invoice along with the packages to the DHL driver at the time of pickup.

Note that all your shipping documents and tracking number information are always available online. Simply login your MeiMei Express account and enter the review page of any current or past shipment.Click on the desired document icon and download the PDF file directly. All shipping documents will be maintained under your account for at least one year.

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