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Reship Service
Most domestic ecommerce companies in the United States do not ship internationally or charge an exorbitant amount for international orders. To address this need, MeiMei Eexpress now offers a reshipping service that allows our international customers to freely shop online and purchase US products directly by providing a US shipping address and a contact phone number. We will give you a US address for you to ship your online orders to. Simply let us know in advance before you place the order so we know what to expect. Once your merchandise is received, we'll forward it to you within one business day, and your package will arrive in another 3~5 business days.

If there are multiple packages from different merchants, we can also consolidate the packages for you, at a small fee, to save some shipping cost. We can also check or test the products your've purchased, remove labels, handle returns or exchanges, etc., for additional fees.

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1. Register
Register with us for reshipping services and receive a US shipping address.
2. Shop Online
Shop online and ship your purchases to the dedicated US address we gave you.
3. Reship
We receive and repackages your items and reship them to you in 3~5 business days.
California Service Center (MeiMei Express Headquarters)
Since MeiMei Express headquarters in California, basic Handling Fees for packages sent to our main office are waived. For a nominal fee, we can also repackage or combine your packages (to save on shipping cost), unpack to inspect or test your products, remove labels, and handle returns or exchanges, per your request.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping online with US ecommerce sites is the collection of sales tax. Sale taxes are state specific and can vary from 0 to 10.25%. Currently there are five states that do not collect any sales taxes. In addition, some major sites such as Amazon, eBay, Smartbargains, Drugstore, B&H, MacConnection, 6PM, and Sweetwater still do not collect sale taxes for shipments delivered to California addresses. If you purchase from these websites, you can use our California main office as the reship address to save the handling fees. Otherwise, you may use one of our Contract Service Centers in a tax-free state as detailed below.

Tax-Free State Reship Services (Contract Service Centers)
If you purchase from a company that is required to collect California sale taxes, you may ship to one of our Contract Service Centers located in a zero-sales-tax state. At present, there are five states that do not collect any sale taxes:
  1. ALASKA (AK)
  5. OREGAN (OR)
In addition, for clothes, the following states are also sale-tax-free.
  4. MAINE (ME)
After you register as a MeiMei Express memeber, please send us an email indicating that you would like to use our reshipping services, and we will assign a Contract Service Center located in one of the sale-tax-free states listed above for you. Pleas notice that using a Contract Service Center incurs a small handling fee. You should really compare various fees before you decide to use either our California Service Center (main office, no handling fees) or a Contract Service Center (tax-free but with handling fees) every time you shop.
Repackaging Fees
Sometimes online retailers ship products with boxes that are much larger than necessary. This may be less of an issue for domestic shipments, but will impact the cost of international express shipment significantly because of the added dimensionial weight. Other times products are shipped from different vendors and arrive in separate boxes at different times. Either case, for a small fee, we can help you save a lot of shipping cost by replacing the original box with a smaller one or combine multiple packages into one box.

Of course, no repackaging fee will be assessed if all we do is receive the packages and forward them to you without having to either open the packages or combine them.

Special Request Fees
Since you are buying from out-of-the-country, it is important to know that the products received are in good shape and functional before we forward the package to you. It is also possible that you would like us to perform certain tasks that you deem necessary before we forward the package to you. Some of these tasks are:
  1. For clothes, remove plastic bags, labels and other tags.
  2. For LEGO sets, collapse the box and package contents individually.
  3. For shoes, remove and collapse the box.
  4. For items that do not come packaged such as tires, wheels, components, etc., select appropriate boxes and package them.
It is difficult to establish a standardized price list for these tasks as the time they require tend to differ substantially from case to case. Please contact us and we will discuss your specific situation and give you a quote on the repackaging fee.
Storage Fees
When you order from multiple online stores, chances are your purchases will not arrive at the same time. We will wait until all items are received and send them in one single shipment to you. Our service centers will hold your packages for up to two weeks free of charge before they must be shipped out to you. Otherwise, any item that stays in our warehouse for more than two weeks will incur a storage fee.
Fee Table
California (Headquarters) Receiving Services (Taiwan Cargo)
Repackaging For each shipment, regardless of the number of packages:
  • 1 ~ 5 LBs $6
  • 6 ~ 10 LBs $10
  • 11 ~ 15 LBs $13
  • 16 ~ 20 LBs $15
  • 21 ~ 25 LBs $17
  • 26 ~ 30 LBs $19
  • 31 ~ 35 LBs $21
  • 36 ~ 40 LBs $23
  • $3 for each additional 5 LBs over 40 LBs Contact us for extra-large or heavy items. Extra charge might apply.
California (Headquarters) Receiving Services (FedEx & DHL Repacking fee)
Repackaging For each shipment, regardless of the number of packages:
  • 1 ~ 6 LBs $6
  • 7 ~ 20 LBs $15
  • 21 ~ 50 LBs $20
  • 51 ~ 60 LBs $25
  • $5 for each additional 10 LBs over 60 LBs Contact us for extra-large or heavy items. Extra charge might apply.
Claims Deadline Should be submitted within 1 week after package is received by MeiMei Express.
Order Tracking "FREE. We will record, for each incoming package, the tracking number and the vendor information. All records will be kept for at least 14 days. "
* For eBay purchases, only the tracking number is recorded.
Quantity Counting Per Customer's request, we can open the packages and verify/count the contents for $5/box.
Storage FREE for 2 weeks, and $5/unit for each additional week. (10 pieces per unit, $5/unit)
Tax-Free State Receiving Services
Repackaing $5/box
Receiving Fee $1.20/LB (fee willl be calculated based on either volumetric or actual weight, whichever is heavier)
3C(computer, communication, and consumer electronics) 3.9% of commodity total value
Claims Deadline Should be submitted within 1 week after package is received by MeiMei Express
Storage FREE for 2 weeks, and $5/unit for each additional week. (10 pieces per unit, $5/unit)
Special Request(available both in California and Tax-Free State)
Removing Labels Removing labels/tags(12 pieces/unit, $5/unit)
Removing Packaging Removing plastic bags, gift boxes and other packaging (15 pieces per unit, $5/unit)
Removing Shoe Boxes 15 pieces per unit, $5/unit
Check Size,Brand,Quantity $1.50/per unit
Sorting of similar products Small box$3(1~5LBs), Medium box$5(6LBs~20LBs), large box$6 (21LBs and above)
Collapsing Shoe Boxes 15 pieces per unit, $5/unit
Opening Toys, Collapsing Boxes 15 pieces per unit, $5/unit
Others $10 or more packing material fee for commodities needing extra packaging(e.g. computer, computer monitor, cosmetics, glass, TV set, porcelain, etc.)
Photographing $1.00/photo
Return and Exchange $6/shipment received by MeiMei Express, additional freight prepaid will be charged if any
Content Verification (5 pieces per unit, $5/unit)
- Verify dimension, color and quantity
- Free storage for 2 weeks(from the arrival date of the first package)
- From the 3rd week until the 90th day, $5/unit for each additional week
-MeiMei Express cannot be liable for any loss/damage occurred after 90 days.
Payment Methods
For the convenience of our international customers, we offer a host of different payment methods:
  1. Credit cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Zero processing fee.
  2. PayPal: There will be a 5% processing fee for all PayPal payments.
  3. ATM transfer: For Taiwan customers only. Exchange rate is based on one-plus-the-sell-rate of the transaction date. For instance, if the USD-to-TWD rate is 28 for that day, use 29 as the exchange rate when you transfer money to our Taiwan account.
For payment or bank information, or if you have any other questions, please send us an email, or call us toll free at 855-696-6397 (855-MY-MM-EXP). If you are not calling from the United States, please call 408-627-5930.


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